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Making a great key lime pie isn’t rocket science. So why is finding an authentic key lime pie such a difficult task?  

The answer is really quite simple. Too many bakeries and bakers cut corners, using a pre-made crust or bottled juice from concentrates, mechanizing every aspect of production in order to optimize the bottom line, or because a key lime pie is just another offering in a long line of products

At Steve’s Authentic, we know what makes a great key lime pie, and for 19 years we have devoted ourselves to recreating that timeless classic dessert for the public the very way Steve did as a young man growing up in South Florida for family and friends.

According to the American Pie Council, only two commercial bakeries in the US use fresh squeezed key lime juice, something we consider a “key” ingredient. Bottled juice -reconstituted from concentrates and chemically preserved- is fine for stripping paint or removing rust, but doesn’t belong in a food product.

We make a hand formed crust using nothing more than specially formulated premium Graham cracker crumbs and pure butter. Our filling uses dairy fresh sweetened and condensed milk, egg yolks and our fresh squeezed key lime juice. Like we said, this isn’t rocket science. It’s no wonder Al Roker called Steve’s Authentic “One of the Last Genuine Key Lime Pies in the US” and Amanda Hesser of the NY Times said ours was “The Best Key Lime Pie, Mason Dixon Line or No.”


All the Keys to a great pie? From Soldier Key to Key West to the Dry Tortugas, there lives a spirit of individualism, integrity and authenticity. In what we do here at Steve’s Authentic, we have All the Keys, to a Great Pie.


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