Oh To Be Unforgettable

Yahoo Travel, thank you very much for including us in your list of America’s 10-Most Unforgettable Pies! That does include all 50-states and the Conch Republic (Florida Keys), which makes Yahoo’s recognition even sweeter, vindication for the self-admitted key lime pie snob (me). OK, I’ll give it up to the mom & pop shops and restaurants who are making their own pies as long as they’re using fresh key limes, it’s the commercial boys I take umbrage with.

Thinking about the article, it’s pretty cool considering the writer selected just 10 pies to highlight. I would have been honored if the article was just focused on bakeries in NYC, or focused on key lime pies alone. Well, not really on the last account, like I said, I’m a key lime pie snob. There must be hundreds if not thousands of contenders, at one local bakery just a stroll down the block, I’m sure Baked has what they believe is a real contender, never mind the countless bakeries everywhere, every-town, every-state. Like the writer stated in the opening of the article, writing a piece like this is “like arm wrestling a bear: It’s a losing proposition”. I’m not going to argue the results.

In terms of key lime pies specifically, my snobbery and my hard-nosed position is best left for another post, where I can rant on and tease myself with the prospect of opening a shop in Key West. For now, I thank the writer for the recognition. I thank all those who have passed our doors and supported our business as well as the restaurants who have not embraced the bottom-line mentality but have chosen to serve their customers an unforgettable dessert, and a special thanks those back in Brooklyn who are keeping things rolling while I make my effort to keep things rolling here in Texas and beyond. Cheers!

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  • Pie Runner

    Wow, congratulations. I can hardly wait till next month, when I heard they’re running “America’s Most Historically Unforgettable Pie Runners.” Fingers crossed!

  • Southernmost Judi

    So… I spend my life in Brooklyn , move to the Rock and have to go back to Brooklyn for the best Key Lime Pie in the universe? Well, dreams DO come true if you wish upon the Southern Cross so maybe you should open that shop here now. The competition has thinned out and you know who’s still here. We’re lookin’ to take on a Brooklyn icon with our product. A reverse story if you will…but like you, we believe it’s the little things that make a difference.

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