The Value of Commitment

I thought of the subject heading of this entry with a very clear idea of what I want to convey here, although the manner of that conveyance as I sit here is less clear. A few words so come to mind; loyalty, drive, focus, determination and integrity to mention but a few. Without these attributes, what happens down at the pier would… well might not be happening at all.

But these attributes don’t apply to me, or some ethos at has been handed down from on-high, these ate the qualities that are present in those who are working for me. Whether their employment was a matter of thoughtful consideration, default or dumb luck doesn’t matter, the bottom line is that I have been blessed with an assemblage of exceptional people, they are all committed to doing what they do and doing it in an exceptional manner.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I sure do acknowledge it, and I suppose this is one small I can let them know. My family has been on the road going on seven months now, traversing the continent from coast to coast, visiting old friends and making new ones. Without the commitment of those back in Brooklyn, this would not have been possible. A blessing indeed.

So in some very strong way, there is an overlapping of these elements that you, our customers are benefiting from. There is the knowledge that, in my absence things are running “business as usual”. I guess that’s one reason it took me over 10-years before I took time away from the business. I have the total confidence in the day-to-day operations on the pier that anyone walking through the doors, or any entity calling for a new commercial account (not to mention existing accounts) are going to be taken care of.

So a shout-out to y’all back on the pier. From Victoria, Derek and myself, a heartfelt thanks. Everything that exists today on the pier is attributable to you, and your commitment to your tasks. I want you to know how much I vale that. Cheers, well see you soon.

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  • sunnyjim

    You have a great crew. Not as good since the old Pie Runner left, but still a great crew. Good on you for appreciating them publicly.

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