Politics and Market Trends make Better Pies

As some of you know, we begin making deliveries to Whole Food Market this week. We’re starting with one store only, with the promise (suggestion) that if all goes well and we play nice  -they’re asking us to “partner”, meaning do in-store tastings- we have a good chance of expanding into the greater Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT.) The market trends dictated us by Whole Foods aren’t bad policy, in fact we’ve thought about going in this direction for a while. In particular, our crumb formula has seen a few changes, using pure sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and the removal of trans-fats. We’re also switching to cage-free egg yolks; happy chickens make happy eggs?

The eggs and HFCS are compliments of Whole Foods, the removal of trans-fats compliments of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, while implementing his healthy food agenda during his last term. Would we have made these changes without them being dictated by market or law? I’d like to think so, but we didn’t actually make the changes until they were either forced upon us (by law) or dictated (by market) to do so. Are we unhappy that these changes have occurred? Not at all, they make for a better product for the consumer, so in the end, these changes are welcomed.

Personally, I’m pleased with these changes, knowing that others in the industry are looking for ways to cut corners and reduce their costs, usually at the expense of the consumer. I was recently in Islamorada, a trip that was  slightly business and mostly pleasure. I had the opportunity to see a few offerings of key lime pie while I was there, and I thought, shame on whoever was behind pumping out that swill. It’s almost embarrassing, the official State Pie of Florida, an item that is synonymous with South Florida and The Keys, looking haggard, spent and unwell. We take pride in what we do at our little bakery, I can’t imagine whoever was responsible for what I saw in a major supermarket chain and a convenience store can say the same.  There still remains the locals who make them the old fashioned way, and I take nothing away from them, if anything they’re the saving grace for this beloved dessert.

So at the end of the day, thanks to politics and market trends, we are proud to bring you an even better product that we were yesterday. There’s talk in the wind of taking a trip to Mexico, and maybe seeding and growing our own key limes.

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  • Esther Lue

    I want to buy a 12 ozs bottle of Nellie & Joe’s Key Lime Concentrate. Can you help me? I live in San Francisco, CA
    94133. I read that Whole Foods will be carrying your products. Sincerely, Esther Lue (415) 392-7713

  • KeylimeSteve

    Esther, beware of purchasing what you might think is key lime juice. The labeling is quite accurate on the most popular brand, stating you are buying “Key West Lime Juice”. Accurately interpreted, the bottle contains “lime juice from concentrate”, not KEY lime juice from concentrate, but lime juice which has been bottled in Key West. The ingredient list on the bottle will confirm this.

    There are some bottled key lime juice options, the majority are from concentrate and not “single strength”, which by far is the best option. All this being said, I usually recommend using fresh regular “Persian” limes if you can’t find key limes. Considering the “Key West Lime Juice” in reconstituted Persian lime juice from concentrate, why bother? The addition of sodium benzoate as a preservative will make your teeth itch.

    Stay tuned, we’re trying to put together a line of single strength key lime juice, either frozen or pasteurized, which will be the best choice on the market.

  • Cynthia Bottoms

    Hi Steve and staff,

    Bravo and hugs to all of you. I was just looking at the 11/6 event “TASTE OF T” in NYC and saw you listed, clicked on your name/site and began reading all of the heart-warming things you do for folks/organizations. Bless you many times over for caring so much. So happy for you that you are into WF. And now growing your own limes – any chance you can do it in the USA? We loose so much farm land, and there are so many who want to farm, esp young folks now, and we could use the jobs. There is an organization – American Farmland Trust, maybe they can help, provide some ideas. (P.S. and maybe find some young/at risk kids who want to learn about growing limes,etc!!)

    All the best,

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