Gateway to Ordering


We’re about as close as we’ve ever been to overnight shipping, in fact we had hoped to be shipping at the beginning of the year. Another “perfect world” scenario. We recently sent out a test shipment, we’re slated to send a few more further west, and hopefully they will be as successful as the first.

So, here’s the deal. IF you want to order from us, we’ll be offering shipping to those on our mailing list first, then we’ll make an announcement on Facebook, then we’ll open this ordering/shipping process via this website.

The reason being, we’d like to iron out any kinks in the process before any “official” rollout and public announcement. Those on the mailing list will receive a small discount to encourage participation, so sign-up if you’d like to be included.

Head back to the main page and see the sign-up as you scroll down, it’s just below the store hours.

We’re looking forward to it!