The Swingle

Ah, the Swingle™, our famous 4-inch key lime tart, hand-dipped in a rich Belgian dark chocolate. This is the real deal people, and listen-up, not all chocolate-dipped key lime treats are created equal. We noticed recently that one of the more popular key lime shops in Key West uses a different recipe for his chocolate-dipped slices. When we made an inquiry, we got an oddly worded reply.

“Yes, the pies used to make our pie bars are made differently than our traditional key lime pie because egg yolks tend to get a gummy consistency when they are eaten while still frozen (which is the goal of a pie bar… you wouldn’t want to wait for it to thaw to eat it, as you would with traditional key lime pie.)”

Really? The New York Times recently published an article “The Only Ice Cream Recipe You’ll Ever Need” in which one of the key ingredients areegg yolks! The popular food site Epicurious offers a very basic gelato recipe which states “It has a rich, yellow color due to the brightness of the yolks of Italian corn-fed chickens.” If you watched the video above, you’ll see that we’re making our Swingles from the same, unadulterated key lime tarts, no soft-boiled excuses for having a different list of missing ingredients.

Have a look at our Swingle line-up.