Our Philosophy, Key Lime Purity!

It’s really quite simple. Since I was a young man growing up and living in Miami, I’ve always had access to fresh key limes. After enough disappointment in ordering or buying (what was supposed to be) a key lime pie, I decided to take matters in my own hands. After-all, any self-respecting native South Floridian should know how to make an authentic key lime pie.

Today, we are committed to recreating that very key lime pie I once made for my family and my friends, and making it with the freshest ingredients we can. We’re not cutting corners, we’re not looking at changing the basic five-ingredient recipe, and we’re certainly not looking to minimize costs at the expense of the authenticity and integrity of the product.

A number of years ago, while my daughter and I were vacationing in the Keys, I visited what was (and might still be) the most popular key lime pie shop in Key West. The proprietor of the bakery and I were chatting (shop-talk) about business, since we are all somewhat aware of one another. I was amazed when I mentioned the raising cost of butter (thinking he would concur), and he asked “why are you buying butter?”. Of course, to make our crust! “Just use a pre-made crust” he croaked. When I mentioned what a pain in the neck it was juicing all those key limes, he actually said that I should “use the bottled juice, it’s that simple”.

Simple and easy, well that has been the direction many things have been going in for a long time. But we’ve never adopted that idea and we never will. Simple and easy doesn’t make it good, it just makes it simple and easy. We believe that the recognition we’ve received is a result of the extra work we do no matter how difficult that work might be, and we are proud of that. We know that when we send our pies out to our restaurants or retail customers, we’re giving them the freshest key lime pie available, even those from the commercial bakeries in the Florida Keys.

We’ve always make our crust in-house and we’ve always juice our key limes just beore we make the pies. We will continue to make our pies in small batches of 12 using only a hand mixer, a whisk and a ladle, even though there are mechanical devices that would streamline our operations and speed up the process. We’re hands-on because we want to stay close to our work, we want to put ourselves into the pies as much as we can and not give any part of the process to a machine. We stick to the idea of recreating the same pie I did for family and friends for our customers.

We don’t stand on the ground of claiming the ultimate key lime dessert either, there are some very talented pastry chefs and bakers out there doing some amazing things with this wonderful fruit. We do however stand on the ground that we are making the very best authentic, classic, traditional key lime pie. At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.