Our Waterfront Bakery, Location and Hours

Our New Location: 185 Van Dyke Street, 11231

New Location, Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie

Our New Location


On June 1st 2013, we officially relocated our bakery operations and wholesale outlet store from our previous location on Pier 41 to our new digs  few hundred yards further down Van Dyke Street. The actual address is 185 Van Dyke Street, but the street numbering isn’t as much help as us saying, just drive all the way to the very end (or beginning) of Van Dyke Street, past the “Dead End” sign, you’ll see us on the left. For a Google Map with driving directions, please follow this link.


GPS 40°.40′.40″N, 74°.01’05″W

Our location IS your best bet for purchasing a pie (in terms of freshness). We’re out of our “ff season” hours, so we try and stay open on Friday till 6-ish, Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 AM until sundown. Check the link for  the setting of the sun  which best determines our closing hour during the summer. We are semi-closed on Monday and Tuesday, semi-open Tuesday thru Thursday although the hours are random. You can call and make an inquiry, or just take a drive-by and see if the roll-up gate is up. I’d say if you arrived after 11:00 AM and before 3~4:00 PM, there’s a good chance you’ll catch us with the door open. Hint; if the roll-up door is completely down, we are closed. Banging, yelling or tapping on the glass will not help. This is typical of many businesses (gate down, closed for business.)